Digesting ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

Fox Searchlight pictures released the first trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel, the highly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed Moonrise Kingdom, on October 17th. After watching the trailer for a week to allow proper processing, it is beyond clear that this has the potential to be something special.

Untitled-1The first five seconds give us a great starting point. Ralph Fiennes sitting in a red elevator, in between two hotel workers in purple outfits. He turns to the younger one (played by newcomer Tony Revolori) and asks

“Why do you want to be a lobby boy?”

It is a very small controlled environment that sets up the expansive nature of the trailer. While watching, you can definitely see a creator looking at his past films, taking with him what works and putting it all together into a film that looks like a wonderful night at the theater. The narration calls to The Royal Tennenbaums, the relationship between Gustave H. and his young lobby boy echo Steve Zissou and Ned Plimpton of The Life Aquatic. The young love of Moonrise Kingdom meets the flailing debauchery of Bottle Rocket.

All of the best traits of Anderson’s past films boosted by a cast that is more expansive and talented than ever, the pieces are there to make this the celebrated director’s masterpiece.  The film’s release date is March 7, 2014.


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