Listen to a new Childish Gambino track

Because the InternetDonald Glover had announced that his major label follow up to 2012’s Camp will be called Because the Internet and released in winter. There were some questions to when Glassnote would actually release the album, but after a few days of anticipation Glover revealed December 10, 2013 was when the album would drop.

He’s already released a few songs like “Yaphet Kotto” and “3005” which show a more intimate side to the rapper. This should not come as a surprise as he had been very forth coming in tweets and instagram posts revealing his hopes and fears.

Childish Gambino recently left the cult favorite NBC comedy Community to focus on his rap career and has been popping up in areas across the country to give fans a listening party.

Earlier today he gave fans yet another taste of his new music when he tweeted a download link to Jhene Aiko. The song is called “Melrose” and you can check it out below.


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